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Our Story

Who We Were Then...
  • established originally in 2010 as "Sweet Lady Treats"

  • offered a wide variety of cakes, cookies, and chocolate treats

  • products were sold ONLY by word-of-mouth

  • No logo or real company identity

Who We Are Now...
  • Sweet Lady's Oatmeal Cookies, LLC, creator and distributor of a wide variety of delicious oatmeal cookies

  • a brand that operates in both sales and service to the community

  • products are now seen and sold via our website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, various Pop-Up Shops, and various Interviews and Speaking Engagements

  • fulfilling the need for a wider variety on the current oatmeal cookie market

What Is Our Mission...
  • to offer high quality products to our customers

  • to provide the best customer service in all ways possible

  • to be active within the community through volunteering, donating, and being of help to the homeless 

Why You'll Love Our Cookies...
  • lite, flavorful, and soft original recipe

  • no processed sugar added and diabetic friendly

  • endless flavor combinations to ensure there is a perfect cookie here just for you

Meet The Owner... Lisa C. Adams
  • native of Paterson, NJ and mother to 1 daughter, and 2 boys

  • has overcome a lot in her life and wants those around her to be encouraged by her journey

  • has always had a very creative entrepreneurial spirit and mindset since childhood

  • wants to use her God-given talents and skills to provide for her family and give back to her community

  • Fun Fact: Lisa takes her pool game (yes, the one with the 8 ball) just as serious as she takes her oatmeal

I was chosen as a 2021 Semi-Finalist for the Sistah's In Business Expo Pitch Competition!!
Click Here To View My Submitted Video!

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