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Oasis Women & Children's Shelter (4/2023)

It was a pleasure to serve the community through the Oasis Women's Shelter in my hometown of Paterson, NJ. They serve lunch to the homeless and hungry every day, they have an Adult Education program, a Thrift Store, and so much more.


If you would like to be of help to this amazing organization via donation, click here!

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Domestic Violence Candle Lit Vigil

Studies show that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men have been victims of severe physical violence by an intimate partner.  As a survivor myself of domestic abuse it is important to me that the conversation on this topic will never end but only get louder in all categories and stages of abuse.

This event is held annually in Paterson, NJ. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Melanie Holmes, the event organizer, for reaching out to me and allowing me to be a part of this important event.


2 dozen Individually wrapped cookies were

donated to this event. 

Working Girl Wednesday Podcast (1/2022)

Working Girl Podcast.jpg

Quiana Coley is the owner of the "Pretty Girlz Love God" brand. Her brand is Christ centered and shares its' message in the form of T-shirts, planners, conferences, and more. Quiana created this platform to bring women together who are all doing amazing things in business, in ministry, or in life overall! It was a great opportunity and blessing to share a platform with these women! Tanisha Thomas, is the creator and owner of the brand "Release," a Christ centered platform which promotes the importance of prayer and going after all that God has for you.  Crystal Rudolph is the owner of "Purpose Collection," which is an online fashion boutique. And Kammie Phillips, an amazing make-up artist and community face painter. It was a pleasure to share this platform with these women discussing the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of entrepreneurship.

Oh...and we're really friends. In business, in ministry, and in everyday life. Shout out to Crystal for putting this Women in Business Photoshoot together! It was so much fun!
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Pearls Promises & Prayers Presents: Healing Hearts Expo (2/2022)

I was asked by Tandra Blackwell, founder of the Pearls, Promises, & Prayers Organization, to share a little of what I've overcome in my life.  I am always so humbled when I'm asked to share my story because it means that someone thinks I have something to say that is worth hearing. That's not a truth I grew up with.  I have found that sharing my story not only helps someone else, but it also brings peace to me. It was an honor sharing the mic with these amazing overcomers!

Shout Outs:

Elijah "Unique" Spikes, national hair stylist and one of the kindest people I've ever met.

Minister Quanette Ciceron serves the Newark, NJ area with her energetic story of trial and triumph. Francisca Nunez, Domestic Violence Advocate

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Pearls, Promises, & Prayers Presents:
Wine & Winners

I was nominated for the "Pearl of Promise" Award by the Pearls, Promises, & Prayers Organization. This award highlighted someone whom they see doing well in their endeavors and have the potential to become something or someone even greater.

To be seen as a person who has fulfilled this criteria was both heartwarming and motivating for me. I have overcome a lot in my journey of life and I'm still standing, still smiling, and I'm still strong! And this award reminded me that I still have PROMISE. And I intend to fulfill it all!

Thank you for the Pearls, Promises, and Prayers Team for this Award!!!

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Paterson 1000 Man March (5/2022)

Man March 2.jpg

1000 Man March
Marching with P.O.W.E.R
PURPOSE- Knowing where we currently stand. Knowing where we are we going. Knowing how we are we going to get there.
OPTIMISM- The quality of being full of hope and emphasizing the good parts of a situation, or a belief that something good will happen.
WISDOM- Using our experience, knowledge, and good judgment to bless others.
EMPOWERMENT- Represent our interests in a responsible and self-determined way.
RESILIENCE- To withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult moments in our lives.

(This was taken from a fb post by the organizer)

Man March 5.jpg
Photo Credit: Gee Grier, Community Photographer of Paterson, NJ

It is my belief that the healing of the black community begins with the healing of the black man. 5 cookie platters were donated to the breakfast portion of this event.

Man March 6.jpg
Photo Credit: Gee Grier, Community Photographer of Paterson, NJ
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Muture Sisters 5th Annual
Daily Shower Event

This annual shower initiative is very dear to me because it directly helps those who tug at my heart strings, the homeless. The ability to take daily showers is something that can be easily taken for granted by many of us. I was humbled all the more by talking to many of those who came in for the services and hearing soem of the circumstances they are surviving through. This annual event is only one week long, but a service like this is needed all year around.

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Shower 1.jpg

I spent 2 days on site assisting in any way needed. Also, on day 1 I provided about 60 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and snacks that were distributed to the homeless community.

City Green Presents: Harvest Fest (10/2022)

city green 3.png

City Green is a nonprofit organization which educates the community through farming and gardening. City Green is dedicated to creating spaces where communities can grow their own food and benefit from a healthier way of living. 


2 dozen individually wrapped cookies were donated to their Harvest Fest.

For more information about City Green, or to make a donation to their cause, visit their website at

B Fit-n-Focused Podcast with Amber Dickinson (8/2022)

Amber 2.jpg

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the B Fit-N-Focused Podcast with the one and only Amber Dickinson! She is the creator and founder of the B Fit-N-Focused juice line. Her energy is magnetic and her knowledge of business is unmatched. I shared stories from my entrepreneurial journey and encouraged the listeners to begin their very own as well. We had a great time while she couldn't stop eating the sample cookies ON AIR. Lol

Click Here To Watch My Episode!

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Ruby's Vision Annual Visions Of Hope Homeless Awareness Brunch (8/2021)

Ruby's Vision is a local organization that works tirelessly with the homeless and drug addicted communities of Paterson, NJ. Ms. Ruby Clark uses her own story of victory in overcoming drug addiction to help those overcome their very own addictions. Sweet Lady's Oatmeal Cookies was proud to donate the favor bags for their Annual Fundraiser Event. Each bag contained one cookie. 

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Sweet Ladies Oatmeal Cookies Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway (11/2020)

As a single mother myself, I know what it's like to depend on Food Pantry's and basket giveaways to feed my family, or to make it through the holiday's. I wanted to give thanks to God for providing for my family (through my business) by helping provide for someone else. 5 single parents were nominated and gifted with boxes filled with all the makings of a Thanksgiving meal made from scratch, complete with Thanksgiving themed plates, napkins, a tablecloth, and utensils to match. Each box also included a batch of cookies (of course) and an apple pie baked by yours truly.

Sending out a HUGE thank you to my delivery assistants...My babies!

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